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月の明り -ファイナルファンタジーIV 愛のテーマ- Promotional Video Preview

Final Fantasy IV DS OST

月の明り -ファイナルファンタジーIV 愛のテーマ- (CD+DVD)
2007.12.5 RELEASE


M1:月の明り -ファイナルファンタジーIV 愛のテーマ-
作詞:時田貴司 作曲:植松伸夫 編曲:福井健一郎 歌:伊田恵美
M2:愛のテーマ -DS版-
作曲:植松伸夫 編曲:仲野順也
M3:愛のテーマ -SFC版-
M4:月の明り -ファイナルファンタジーIV 愛のテーマ-(カラオケ)

「月の明り -ファイナルファンタジーIV 愛のテーマ- / 伊田恵美」
プロモーション・ビデオ(CG version / SOLO version)

Order From Amazon Japan Site


伊田恵美 公式サイト

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.:Sunday, October 01, 2006:.
Gomen Minna san ,

It's me again.

A few more days to my birthday and i would like to wish all my friends to be happy and cheerful everyday :D

Anyway if you guys dunno what present ( 1 only ) to get for me , here's my birthday wishlist

1) Pokemon FireRed ( Player's Choice Title )

2) Pokemon LeafGreen ( Player's Choice Title )

3) Pokemon Emerald

4) Any Bleach/Dragonball Related Items

5) Any Clothes/Jeans/Shoes

That's all , please don't spend too much $ , save some for Ronald , LOLz

i wish i can see her again , cos Oct 7 is her birthday.
( why am i cursed to like libra girls only?)

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.:Saturday, April 29, 2006:.
Konchiwa Minna , It's Time for Updates Again... LOLz

Japanese Drama : NsAoi ( http://www.fujitv.co.jp/aoi/index2.html )

Last month , NsAoi ended it's run on Japanese Tv.
I like this drama , becos it's hospital theme and
Satomi is inside the drama. I like her becos she
acts her blurness in a very natural way.
Here are some captures of the last episode.

[ Yamada Kun , pls support my drama NsAoi ]

[ Next time , i will go to your NEWS concert, i PROMISE ]
[ Vee , Vee ! ]

[ It's a Promise ! Vee ! Vee! ]

[ Last Episode! haiz... i can't see Yamada Kun anymore ]

[ Last Few seconds , yay! i can take a break! ]

Japanese Anime : Eyeshield 21

This anime is about Amercian Football.
You can read the manga series everyweek in Shounen Jump.
Thanks to CrashWire and Darkserge who intro me to this
anime series. I truly enjoy it very much.
So far, there's a PS2 game , a PSP and a DS game.
Here are some captures from a Special Episode.

Voice animators from the Anime
The Only Girl = Voice of Mamori
Center Guy = Voice of Sena
The Guy on the Right = Voice of Monta

[ Wait for Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! ]

[ Aho! Aho! Aho! ]

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.:Friday, April 14, 2006:.
Harlow Everyone, Sorry for the Lag of Updates.

[ KingDom Hearts II ]

Started playing KH2 recently (even though i didn't complete KH1) , LOLz
I admit i love Disney Characters , but adding a dark storyline and
some final fanatasy characters really gives this game some worthy playing time.

You don't have to play KH1 and KH : COM (Chain of Memories) ,
becos the 3hour tutorial during the starting part of the game explains it.
(Well Sort Of)

Bascially for the first 3hours , u get to play this guy called Roxas
( i call him Sora X )

Why does he have 2 keyblades?
(i am not spoiling u guys! LOLZ)

Somehow,he's related to Sora,and Sora is related to him.

Sea Salt Ice Cream

This real ice cream looks similar to the ice cream
Sora is eating at the title screen.

According to a fren of mine , this ice cream can be bought at Supermakets,
Price range is about 5 to 6 bucks.
The real Sea Salt ice cream can be found at Tokyo Disneyland.

KH II Cosplay?

Found these pics on a HK forum , nice poses/choreography/costume.
I think it's a gal , too bad it's too 'flat' . =x

Dual Keyblades

Someone in the games haves 2 keyblades.
I wonder did the cosplayers made it themselves?
Or ordered from japan? who knows? It looks uber cool though.

Misc KH II Stuff

Related Links : http://na.square-enix.com/games/kingdomhearts/
( US Version Kingdom Hearts Series )

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