.:Wednesday, March 16, 2005:.
Konichiwa Minna San , Genki desu ka?

After 3yrs of loyalty to SINGNET, i finally decided to switch to Starhub maxonline.

Say goodbye to sudden d/c and faulty telephone lines. I signed a 2year plan , damn happy because i'll be getting my Digital Camera tommorrow. I sort of into photography as a hobby.

My Nihongo is getting rusty, soon i will be revising myself.
Next month i will be buying a NintendoDS , along with a game called Nintendogs and maybe a gba game.

Here are some links for cute doggie wallapers

Feel free to read my thread/topic about the game Here

I will be buying this version because, it contains my favourite dog breeds like laborador Retriever and Beagle. :D
Latest Gameplay Video can be found Here
The Release Date for The Japanese Version is April 21st.

Happy Barking Folks!!! :P

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