.:Friday, April 29, 2005:.
P.S i am not responsible for anything, if the numbers dun give u any cash... LOLz

It has been 43days since my blog is updated. Well, i dun usually update everyday like normal people does.

Many of you out there must be wondering why i dun update my daily life routine/feelings and etc.

Just a simple reason : I not comfortable to let people (strangers) know about my privacy.

I get pissed if a person "crossed the line", asking too much about my privacy.

(P.S comments about my Privacy will be deleted... this is a warning)

Sorry i apologise for being uber straightforward. (bows in action)

If u ask me if u see me on the streets, i maybe gladly to tell you. :D
( don't worry i wun bite in public )

But then, i do tell my (happiness/sadness/negative/positive) stuff to my best friends/buddies or people that feel comfortable with.
( People like Apple,Kenneth,Beng and other Gamersquare/Sggamers/NintendoDS irc frens,MSN Frens like MissPat,Javier and etc)

I rather use my blog to let people know about something, that i like. Rather than am i currently working/studying/married/relationship or etc.

Okie, back to the main point, as i update in my last blog, i got a digital camera from starhub, i am quite into photography. I am just a lousy Photographer... Haha..

Here's my Gallery... http://www.angelfire.com/vamp/youwei

Feel free to browse the pics... pls dun 'abuse' the pics by making nude pics etc... LOLz...
Sorry no pictures of hot babes in gallery... in the future maybe... :D

See u guys soon... Thanks for reading...

ByeBye... Maybe 1 day, 1 week,1month, or 1year for the next update... Haha

.:Brandon blogged on 5:40 AM:.

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