.:Thursday, June 02, 2005:.
Konichiwa Minna San,

Genki desu ka? ^.^

"Shui Yue Bu Liu Ren" , Half a year has passed like a split second.

And i have watched my Star Wars : Revenge of the SITH , the Best Movie in the Prequels. I love the Dark side, haha... =x

So many movies i wanna watch like Bewitched,Batman Returns,Fantasic 4,Stealth,and many more.

I have found my goal or dream in life and i hope i can achieve it. Thanks to those people who have been supporting and tolerating me.

Some of my frens are going to NS in june, like Ben and Kane. I wish both of them all the best and safe in their NS life.

Anyway,nothing much to blog about this update. :D

Hope you guys enjoy the song... =p

Simple and Clean "LIVE"... Sang by Utada Hikaru AKA Hikki

Kingdom Hearts II is coming for Japan this Year and US next yr...

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