.:Thursday, September 29, 2005:.
Konichiwa Minna San , Genki Desu Ka?
Haha, it's been a long time , ain't it?

I have found a job and today's my last lesson with the "notti devils".
But they still do their work that i give them.
Yeah , i am a Sensei (Teacher) . I used to call my teachers "cher cher!"
( now i knows how it feels to be called "cher cher!" =/ )

Anyway i bought my Red Nintendo DS , and Jump SuperStars game.

Then This Saturday , i gonna get the First English RPG for the NintendoDS
Lunar : Dragon Song.

Hope you guys/gals enjoy the FF7AC remix... will update again in a few days time...
Zokie signing off...

.:Brandon blogged on 11:03 AM:.

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