.:Sunday, April 02, 2006:.
Hey Everyone , i am back again :D

Some Funny Pictures to share...

"Schools of Sparrows outside my house"

"Zooming In"

About 6pm+ , the birds will be there everyday, whether rain or shine.
It gets quite noisy too.. Beacause it's a mass chirping session...

Now Playing :

Final Fantasy XII (http://www.ff12.com) (Out in Japan , Nov for US)

Recently i been playing FFXII , waited for 4 years for the game . (FFX-2 is crap to me)
It's sort of like a offline FFXI , according to Final Fantasy Addicts. LOLz

Turn based battles are over , now u cast spells,summons,attack and gambit in real time.

If you like Final Fantasy Tactics or Vagrant Story , the world/artwork are closely the same or related.
The character polygons in FFXII are cut down by half used in FFX ,
but the polygons are used to texture theworld/town/people and other stuff.
The artwork in the game is breathbreaking...

I wun spoil the story for you guys/gals.
Bascially you start as this lead male character called Vaan.
Vaan is sort of like a city rat or thief (he only steals for fun)
and he has a Girlfriend called Penelo

Some pictures i took off my TV. ( Sorry I own a bad camera)

[The building textures are highly detailed. The character's clothes are done very well too.
I love the blue sky , the cloud and the light from the sun.]

[ Penelo and Vaan , hunting for monsters in the Desert ]

The Theme Song of FFXII is called " Kiss Me Goodbye "
It is is sang by Angela Aki and composed by Nobuo Uematsu
The song has Japanese and English versions.

(Please change to Unicode if u are using IE)

Here's the japanese lyrics : -

anatawa mayotteitemo

doawa aiteiruyo

futarino sekaidakedewa


hanewo agerukara shinjite tobebaii

Kiss me good-bye, love is memory

anatawo ushinattemo

aishita kiokuga tuyosani kawarukara

tashikana monowo sagashite

daremoga koisuruga

yuruganai aiwa jibunno nakaniaru

Kiss me good-bye


atarashii watashini kawaru

Kiss me good-bye, love is memory

atarashii futarini kawarunara

Kiss me good-bye


anatawo aisetakara

anatawo aisetakara

English Version Lyrics

You say my love is all you need to see you through
But I know these words are not quite true
Here is the path you're looking for
An open door leading the worlds you long to explore
Go if you must move on alone
I'm gonna make it on my own

Kiss me good-bye, love is memory
Follow your heart and find your destiny
Don't shed a tear for love's mortality
For you put the dream in my reality

As time goes by I know you'll see this as me
I love you enough to let you go free
Go, I will give you wings to fly
Cast all your fears into the sky

Kiss me good-bye, love is mystery
All of my life I'll hold you close to me
Don't shed a tear for love's mortality
For you put the dream in my reality
Kiss me good-bye, love is memory
You put the dream in my reality

Some news i saw from the japanese FFXII forums.
It seems when you invert the FFXII logo , it shows a Devlish Face ,
some says it shows an insect or a certain boss in FFXII.

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